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Today in Business

Many are facing the urgent need for digital transformation. Changing business models, processes, systems and digital capabilities are now necessary to stay relevant. At the fulcrum of this demand for change is the ability to deliver seamless customer experiences. We invite you to learn how KL Interactive can help you deliver meaningful digital experiences for your customers.

At a Glance

Founded by Ken Lee, KL Interactive has been helping organizations make users happy since 2000. Ken’s range of experience in UX covers ecommerce, business applications, portals, large enterprise websites, content management systems, data visualization and solutions for mobile and tablet. Having begun his career as a web designer, Ken is an accomplished digital designer and frontend coder. But the heart of his focus for the past 7 years has been UX architecture.

Caring for Users for 17 years

9 Responsive Coding Projects

Left Brain and Right Brain Thinker

19 Branding Projects

113 Design Projects

Regenerated in 1991


What People Say

Ken is a great Information Architect and a strong leader. He is organized and logical. He did a good job managing and unifying the many different designs across Merchandizing products. He has great passion for improving user experience and was easy to work with. He is quick at transforming business needs into design concepts. Ken is good at communicating his ideas, as well as accepting other people’s ideas. I had a wonderful time working with Ken, and look forward to working with him again." "

Dominique Zhao
Sr. UX Designer
Thomson Reuters